Scholarship Info

The undergraduate scholarship intends to benefit Malaysian students from low-income families, the Foundation believes that providing scholarships is about providing opportunities – giving a chance for students to have the higher education necessary to come into their own and be the next generation of leaders and captains of industries. 
To ensure success in this current social and economic environment where a degree does not often equate with employment or an ability to be entrepreneurs, we have also set up the following for our scholarship programmes:

Enrichment Programmes that provide additional life skills to our scholars. These programmes are aimed to instil motivation, confidence, self-belief and our Group Values to ensure that our Hong Leong Scholars are that much more competitive in the working world;

Structured Internship Programmes with Group companies. Internships are deemed critical by educational institutions and prospective employers in ensuring that students graduate into the workforce with sufficient knowledge and relevant experience; and

Scholars’ Club which aims to provide the scholars with continuous support throughout (and after) their studies. Various activities are being planned to ensure constant engagement with the scholars.


Jun 01, 2018


  • SPM : Minimum 8As
  • UEC : Minimum 6As
  • STPM / Matriculation / A-Level / Foundation / Diploma / Degree : Minimum CGPA of 3.5
  • It is open to Malaysian citizens aged between 17 – 25 years
  • Students doing a Diploma or Degree programme in any recognised local colleges and universities can also apply


  • Undergraduate studies in Public Universities: RM 8,500/= p.a.
  • Diploma/Advanced Diploma courses in Public Universities: RM 6,000/= p.a.
  • Undergraduate studies at local private universities: up to RM 24,000/= p.a.
  • (“3+0” degree programmes on full-time and on-campus basis)Medicine/Dentistry courses in local Private Universities: up to RM 32,000/= p.a

Preferred Discipline

The scholarship is awarded for ANY course or field of study as long as it is a full-time Undergraduate Studies (1st degree course) or Diploma Course at recognised public and private universities and colleges in Malaysia. Those pursuing STPM, A-Levels, Matriculation, Foundation, Pre-U, and equivalent courses are not eligible.

Contact Info

The Hong Leong Foundation Secretariat at scholarships@hongleong.com.my